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Our Programs

We enroll children ages 2.5 to school age. The 2.5 year-old classroom is a two-day program which is available on either Monday/Wednesday 9:00-1:00, or Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-1:00. Our maximum class size for the 2.5’s is 10 children to 2 adult teachers. Children are not required to be completely potty-trained.


Our 3-4 year-old classroom offers either a two or three-day option. The two-day option is either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00-1:00, and the three-day is offered on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 9:00-1:00. The teacher/student ratio is 1 to 6 with a total of 12 children in each classroom.


In both age groups, teachers plan activities that address the diverse needs of each group and aid children in the development of self-help skills, social skills, gross motor, fine motor skills, language skills, and cognitive skills. We also foster creativity and a desire to learn, and encourage the children to feel comfortable, accepted and successful. The children in these classes begin to work on building gross motor skills, which is needed before fine motor development is refined. Building their core muscles is necessary in order for children to master handwriting, which is emphasized during the second half of the school year.


Choice time includes interest areas such as discovery, art, dramatic play, library, sand/water, blocks, music/movement, toys and games, and outdoors. This age group will expand on Zoo Phonics and include the name of the animal/lower case letter, the sound it makes, and the signal.

The 2.5 age group does not attend field trips away from the facility, however, the 3-4 age group will go to the pumpkin patch in October.


Our three and four-day Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are intended for children who will enroll in Kindergarten the following year or will have two years before Kindergarten due to the age cut off. The Pre-K classes will continue to build and refine all skills.


Our three-day option runs from Tuesday through Thursday, and the four day runs Monday through Thursday from 9:00-1:00. The curriculum for this age group will pick up where the 3-4 year-olds left off with review of all areas listed above and will place more emphasis on handwriting, pre-reading, pre-math, and the introduction of upper case letters in zoo phonics. There will be more teacher directed activities but the children will continue to have choice time throughout the day to work on their social/emotional skills. Interest areas include discovery, art, dramatic play, library, sand/water, blocks, music/movement, toys/games, and outdoors.

Monthly Units

The monthly units are given as a guideline for teachers, but flexibility is given for teachers to choose their own themes within the unit as well as the freedom to take off on a topic of interest from the children in the classroom.

  • September: All about me
  • October: My community
  • November: My Home
  • December: All about Christmas
  • January: All about Kansas
  • February: Healthy bodies
  • March: Weather
  • April: Things that grow
  • May: All things I have learned  
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